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  • Soak and Soothe Your Skin at Ureshino Onsen—One of Japan’s Top 3 Onsen for Beautiful Skin

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Ritouen’s Features

Creative, Satisfying Cuisine

Our restaurant inn offers original dishes that are created with local and seasonal ingredients that our owner chef has handpicked and prepared. Our homemade desserts, made from such ingredients as Ureshino green tea leaves, are popular particularly with ladies.

Hospitality Full of Warmth for Guests to Relax in Leisure

We treasure and welcome our guests with heartfelt and warm hospitality. Unwind peacefully in home-like comfort and warmth.

Uncompromising Passion for Our Guests

We consistently listen to our guests’ opinions to improve our services and facilities, so that everyone may find satisfaction during their stay. We strive to be an inn that continues to get better through each visit.


We carefully select local produce of the season to delight our guests
with flavor and dishes that only we can provide as a restaurant inn.


  • 3-Dish Gourmet Plan

    3-Dish Gourmet Plan

    This is a sumptuous kaiseki meal in which guests may savor the top 3 gourmet foods of the region: sliced raw Ise lobster, Saga wagyu beef steak, and butter-sautéed abalone.

    * The Ise lobster in the photo shows 2 servings; this plan is limited to 2 or more guests.

    * The plan menu is subject to change according to the stock of the day and the season.




Enjoy our diverse selection of Saga’s locally-brewed sake, cocktails, and soft drinks with your meal.



  • Each dish is carefully prepared with seasonal ingredients. Savor the Ureshino specialty, Onsen Yudofu (tofu cooked in onsen water), with special Ritouen sauce.

Ureshino's specialty—Onsen Yudofu

Tofu (bean curd) simmered in the onsen water of Ureshino becomes a creamy yudofu. This exquisite dish is created when components in the onsen water break up the proteins in the tofu.

Even guests who usually skip breakfast will find themselves feasting on this tantalizing tofu with special Ritouen sauce.

Detailed Information


Make your selection from a range of relaxing, comfortable rooms with private open-air or indoor baths,
and Japanese-style, or Japanese-Western style rooms.

  • SUISEN's Room


    Japanese-Style Room (approximately 11m² or 15m²)
    Open-air Cypress Bath Hot Spring(Ureshino Onsen)

    SUISEN's Bath 01SUISEN's Bath 02

  • IZUMI's Room


    Japanese-Style Room (18m²)
    Open-air Cypress Bath Hot Spring(Ureshino Onsen)

    IZUMI's Bath 01IZUMI's Bath 02

  • UME's Room


    Japanese-Style Room (approximately 18m²)
    Open-air Cypress Bath Hot Spring(Ureshino Onsen)

    UME's Bath 01UME's Bath 02

  • Water for the In-Room Baths

    Water for the In-Room Baths

    The baths in the two Japanese-style rooms, Matsu and Take, are exclusively for tea baths and do not use onsen water. Guests staying in this room can enjoy a special Ureshino tea bath, while the Ureshino onsen water is available as well in the large common bath or private baths.

  • Late Night Bathing

    Late Night Bathing

    Please bathe quietly when bathing late at night, not to disturb other guests.

Detailed Information

Hot spring

In addition to the large common bath,
we offer 2 open-air family baths called Kirari and Nagomi, which can be reserved by all guests.

Large Common Baths

  • Men’s Bath

    Large Common Baths(Men’s Bath)

  • Women’s Bath

    Large Common Baths(Women’s Bath)

Opening Hours 15:00-23:00, 6:00-10:00

Private Family Bath

  • Open-Air Bath: Kirari

    Open-Air Bath: Kirari

  • Indoor Bath: Nagomi

    Indoor Bath: Nagomi

  • On Usage of the Private Family Baths

    We accept requests for reservations for the private family baths at check-in. Please note that your preferred bath and/or time slots may be unavailable due to prior reservations.

    Opening Hours 15:00-22:00
    Each reservation is limited to 30 minutes.
    Usage Fee Free of Charge
    (Up to 1 use of one of the baths per stay)

Detailed Information


We are only 1-2 hours by car from Fukuoka and Nagasaki.
The entire staff eagerly awaits your visit.

Facility Name Ritouen | Traditional Restaurant & Inn at Ureshino Onsen
Address 437 Iwayagachiko, Ureshino-machi Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture
Telephone Number +81-954-43-2691
Fax Number +81-954-43-2643
Parking 30 cars (free, first-come-first-served basis)

By Car

Approximately 1 hour 30 min from Fukuoka IC to Ureshino IC, Approximately 1 hour from Nagasaki IC to Ureshino IC, Saga Yamato IC from 40 min to Ureshino IC. Approximately 10 min from Ureshino IC to Ritouen. Ritouen
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Route from Ureshino IC

Get off Ureshino IC and advance straight through the intersection. Turn right at Ureshino Medical Center Intersection, turn left at Yunotashimo Intersection, cross Ureshino River, immediately turn right (there is a white and blue sign in Japanese with a blue arrow pointing right), and continue along the river bank. The inn is located approximately 80 meters ahead, to the left.

Free Parking

A free parking lot with space for 30 cars, available on a first-come-first-served basis, is located beside the inn building.

By Highway Bus

Approximately 2 hour from Hakata Bus Terminal to Ureshino IC. Approximately 1 hour from Nagasaki Ken-ei Bus Terminal to Ureshino IC Approximately 5 min by bus from Ureshino IC to Ureshino Bus Center, Approximately 10 min on foot from Ureshino Bus Center to Ritouen. Approximately 10 min by taxi from Ureshino IC to Ritouen. Approximately 30 min on foot from Ureshino IC to Ritouen. Ritouen
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About the Bus Stop

The only buses that stop at Ureshino Bus Center are buses on the Fukuoka-Nagasaki route (“Kyushu” Express Bus for Ureshino Bus Center/Fukuoka Airport).
* If you board another kind of bus on the Fukuoka-Nagasaki route, please get off at Ureshino IC.

Complimentary Shuttle Service

Overnight guests may use the free shuttle service to and from the Ureshino IC Bus Stop and Ureshino Bus Center. This service is available on demand, but please contact us beforehand in case we may not be able to provide a vehicle at a certain hour.

By Train and Bus

Complimentary Shuttle Service

Overnight guests may use the free shuttle service to and from Ureshino Bus Center. This service is available on demand, but please contact us beforehand in case we may not be able to provide a vehicle at a certain hour.

By Airplane

Airport Limousine Taxi

Guests arriving at Kyushu-Saga International Airport will find that the Airport Limousine Taxi is the most convenient mode of transportation to the inn. This service will take adults for ¥2000 and children for ¥1000 per way, from the airport directly to our front door and vice versa.

Please make reservations for this service by no later than 4 p.m. of the day before (Japan time). For reservations, please contact the official website of Kyushu Saga International Airport limousine taxi.

Kyushu Saga International Airport Limousine Taxi

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